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Do you need trim or are you looking for whole new style? Whether you need a between looks trim or you want a dramatic haircut resulting in a whole new look, our experience stylists can help you. We have a friendly and welcoming staff that will be more than happy to discuss the look you want to achieve and explain to how we'll get there. Our experienced stylists have a wide range of talents. We're well versed in all techniques and styles. If you want to break out of your routine and try something new and fun then let Accents Plus put the accent on you. 

We've worked with all types of hair. Regardless of the texture we will pamper your hair and make it look radiant and feel luscious. We offer several services along with our haircuts like shampoo, conditioner, blowdry and blowouts. You'll feel lighter and your hair will feel healthy. Taking care of your hair by cutting off the ends that weigh your hair down has a way of making your hair feel thicker and healthier. It can add shine and make you feel great. 

Call us for an appointment for hair cuts for the whole family. We take care of men and women in our salon and we're available by appointment any day of the week. Our salon is conveniently located in a central part of town, so when you're looking for haircuts in Findlay, OH. we're easy to get to, regardless of where you're coming from. We can help you tame those wavy locks or bring some life back to that straight weighed down hairdo. Treat yourself to a fun haircut. You'll be glad you did.

We make sure to stay current on the latest trends so we know what's popular and trending in haircuts.

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